All About Custom Magnets

As the name suggests, custom magnets are ‘personalized’ magnets. These are personalized, as opposed to ‘generalized’ – that is, offered under the ‘one size fits all’ philosophy. It is often said that if you give someone a custom magnet, they will never quite forget you. Indeed, chances are that they will keep somewhere they can be seeing it all the time, just for the memory’s sake. This assertion stems from a study of the human psyche, where it has been noted that personalized keepsakes tend to create very strong bonds of attachment; whereas keepsakes that are not personalized are treated casually, and casually discarded.

Customized magnets come in all sizes, shapes and patterns. They have a number of practical uses, but many people love to use them as gifts; especially for kids who really get fascinated by the phenomenon of magnetism as made possible by these gadgets. Indeed, fewer prizes could fascinate a young boy than customized magnets. But even for adults, customized magnets are also good (novelty) gift ideas.

Now there are several approaches you can use, to get custom magnets made. You can either go to a traditional (brick and mortar) store dealing customized magnets, tell them how you want them done, pay them – and be given a day when to come back and fetch your custom magnet. This is one approach, and it would work well, were it not for the fact that the custom magnet stores tend to be few and far apart. This is not to mention anything of the fact that many people see that way of shopping which involves going visiting stores as being a bit inconvenient; hence the desire for ‘something better.’

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